Contribute to Imogen Heap’s "Love the Earth" film.

Aug 16 2010 Published by under Art & Science

Mellow British singer songwriter Imogen Heap wants your nature video footage to show at her debut performance at Royal Albert Hall in November. She writes:

Perhaps you have clips already sitting on your hard drive that are beautiful but are just gathering digital dust, or maybe film gathering a layer of the real stuff in the attic. They need a home too!
It could be a sunrise from your bedroom window, underwater deep sea diving, a flower in a pavement crack, mist over mountains, reeds in rivers, a rare wild cat, rolling desert dunes, the northern lights, a sycamore seed helicoptering down or a cotton wool cloud.
We want everyone to explore the colours, lights, shades, rhythms and patterns of nature. Moments that fill us with wonder.

No people and no pets, but otherwise any sort of nature goes.

Check out the promo video to get a sense of Heap's style, musically and otherwise.

See the official site for "Love the Earth" for details and instructions for submitting your video


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