Reporting California Roadkill

Sep 13 2010 Published by under Biology & Environment

Scientists at the University of California at Davis Road Ecology Center and Information Center for the Environment have developed the California Roadkill Observation System to help track animals killed on roads. The ultimate goal

They are asking the public to help add information to their roadkill map, both by reporting the location and type of animal killed. Photos are encouraged, and the web site includes a list of common California animals (which would be much more useful if it were illustrated).

Most of the current reports are for the San Francisco Bay Area, but reports from anywhere in California are welcome.

There is also similar roadkill map for the state of Maine, created in collaboration with the Maine Audubon Society.

Add a California roadkill observation. There's also a printable form (pdf) that you can keep in your car.
Add a Maine roadkill observation
(via Google Maps Mania)

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