The Golden Age of Skin Science

Oct 22 2010 Published by under Biology & Environment

Sarah Haskins takes a look at the sciency-sounding advertising for skin care products:

For the record I am pretty much face Amish.

(Also, to be fair, your skin does have more than 2 layers, if you count the 5 sub-layers of the epidermis)

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  • mstef says:

    :)) funny, but sad.
    probably some authority should limit the amount of far-from-accurate depictions of science in advertising.

    the three ubiquitous elements of successful skin care advertising:
    -flying molecules,
    -white coats
    -the terms clinical/clinically

  • Prashanth says:

    The lady actually scoffed at the only two things for which evidence of use on skin exists - moisturiser and soap!