Read the Circus of the Spineless

Oct 02 2010 Published by under Biology & Environment

Circus of the Spineless 55: Museum of Invertebrate Art is up at Wild About Ants.  I'm happy to say my stinkbug post was included among the great collection of links. If you are interested in bugs and other invertebrates (you've been wondering if butterflies pee in the woods, right?), you should check it out!

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Recent Biocience Blog Carnivals

Sep 08 2010 Published by under Biology & Environment

While I'm still fiddling with my blog's settings, you can find lots of good reading in recently published blog carnivals:

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All kinds of crap in the first Carnal Carnival!

Aug 20 2010 Published by under Biology & Environment

Bora has posted the first Carnal Carnival: The Essentials of Elimination

It's a great collection of posts about poop of all sorts (including my E. chromi post), from humans to sharks to caterpillars to rabbits.

The next Carnal Carnival will be hosted by Carin Bondar at Biologist With a Twist. The theme will be barf.

You can find submission instructions on the Carnal Carnival blog.

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